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Tiffany Toles, LCSW Claimed


Life can be exhausting at times which can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and burdened which can make you feel like you are alone. But you are not alone, help is available and within your reach.

I am an experienced (5 years LCSW, 10 years MSW) Licensed Clinical Social Worker whom has worked with individuals, families, children, teens, and couples that have found themselves in need of help and support to make it through life problems and stressors.

My experience has included helping individuals through anxiety, depression, trauma, marriage issues, difficulty with managing feelings of anger, conflict resolution, substance abuse, personality disorders, and parenting assistance and support with children that are neurodivergent to name a few.

My approach is understanding, patience, kindness, compassion and warmth. It is not easy to be vulnerable and/or ask for help.  I move at your pace and offer a gentle push when you are ready. Utilizing evidence based practices tailored to the specific needs of person(s) being served.

Only you know what you desire for your life.  I believe in collaborating with you since you are the expert in your life.  I’m just a helping hand along your life’s journey.  I offer a variety of services and my hours are flexible so I’m available when needed.