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Shalonda Allison, LMHC Claimed


As a therapist and helper, I am passionate about working with millennials, couples, families and professionals who are seeking guidance with life challenges, self-esteem, building and sustaining relationships, communication challenges, and decision-making. I consider it an honor to partner and provide light for your journey with restoring your family, marriage, or partnership, and providing direction for individual struggles and challenges.

My purpose is never to choose or judge the path one takes, but to provide a light that provides clarity of what your options are, and which direction is best suited for you to take.  I am committed to strengthening individuals, couples, and families and improving your quality of life. I believe this must be done by establishing rapport and building a healthy therapeutic relationship. I work to ensure the therapeutic experience is authentic and utilize openness, humor, and self-disclosure when appropriate to relate to my clients.

Therapists are like a lighthouse, here to illuminate the way! Never to choose or judge the path one takes, simply to provide “Guidance for YOUR Journey”. We would be honored if you allowed Guiding Light Therapy Center the opportunity to shine a light that guides you along your journey.