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About us

About Us

Black, Indigenous, and people of color are underrepresented in healthcare occupations, while disproportionately impacted by health inequities. Connect2Heal is a digital platform that makes it simpler for individuals who desire a healthcare provider who shares the same or similar identity.

Connect2Heal is an online directory for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) to connect with qualified therapists, medical doctors, specialists, and other healthcare providers who share the same or similar racial, ethnic, and/or cultural backgrounds.


Connect2Heal’s mission is to bridge the gap in health disparities by connecting people of color to both medical and mental healthcare providers with the same or similar racial, ethnic, and/or cultural backgrounds.


Connect2Heal’s vision is to assist in the elimination of health disparities by transforming the way Black, Indigenous, and people of color view the healthcare system. By creating and maintaining an online platform of qualified healthcare providers who are a direct reflection of our diverse society, we hope to be part of the solution in forming a more inclusive, equitable healthcare system.

Why us

Disparities in healthcare occur because of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, location, gender, disability status, and sexual orientation.

We find that too often, underserved populations avoid seeking mental health or medical attention due to the emotional and mental trauma caused by both implicit and explicit bias that is perpetuated in our healthcare system. The lack of diversity in healthcare has a detrimental impact on patient/client outcome.

Finding a healthcare provider one can identify with can be frustrating and sometimes impossible. Connect2Heal is the online platform designed to make this process easier by creating a level of comfortability for individuals to select healthcare providers with whom they can relate to.

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