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Connect2Heal makes it simpler for individuals to find a healthcare provider
who shares the same or similar racial, and/or cultural backgrounds.

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We bring people of color together with mental and medical professionals with the same or similar racial, and/or cultural backgrounds to help end the health disparities in our communities.


Individuals treated by a healthcare provider from their own racial or ethnic background are more likely to report receiving a higher quality of care while feeling safe to express themselves and have their voice heard.


As many of us have learned over the last few years, health is wealth! Regular visits to your doctor are essential to a lifetime of good health. We want to make it easier to find a doctor who is right for you.

Mental Health

Our Mental health affects how we think, feel, and behave. It’s a direct impact on how we interact with the others and ourselves. It’s critical for living a healthy, balanced life. Our mental health impacts our physical health. Finding someone who you can talk to in a safe place is critical to living a healthy life.

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What our providers Say

Connect2Heal is a site that allowed a woman of color, a therapist and coach like myself, to promote my services and where other minorities seeking a minority therapist could find me. After being on the site for two days, I received my first inquiry, which led to my first client through Connect2Heal. It’s affordable, and more importantly, it’s needed for people of color to connect with professionals of color to heal!

Shalonda Allison, MS, LMHC

Bianca Harris

Connect2Heal has been such a help in growing my business, allowing me to reach a whole new clientele and expand my business.

Connect2Heal has created a safe platform that allows clients access to culturally-sensitive mental health and medical professionals. Like my clients, Connect2Heal has allowed me to build healthy and beneficial relationships.

Bianca L. Harris, M.S., LMHC

Hi, I’m Joycelyn, a licensed mental health therapist practicing in Indianapolis and the founder of Connect2Heal. 

I have a degree in Computer Information Systems from Wilberforce University, an HBCU in Ohio. Although I love technology, I eventually realized I had a passion for helping others, so I went back to school to obtain a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Indiana State University. 

In 2015, I opened a counseling center to provide various mental health services for individuals and families of all ages. I love what I do!

As a Black therapist, I noticed a common theme amongst my Black clients. They shared a similar frustration when looking for a Black therapist. Many told me they stopped searching several times due to frustration, while others settled because they didn’t want to wait.  

My clients are relieved after finding me because they feel comfortable discussing uncomfortable emotions and situations with someone who looks like them. Having a trusted client-therapist relationship impacts treatment outcomes. 

As a Black woman, I’ve experienced the same problems when looking for a Black Primary Care Physician. Too often, I’ve settled just to get the appointment, only to receive service from a doctor I did not feel understood my needs.

Black therapists and doctors are underrepresented in the healthcare industry. Finding a doctor from the same culture or race deters many from seeking help or attending follow-up appointments and referrals. As a result, untreated mental or physical health conditions can lead to unnecessary long-term health issues. 

Our goal is to decrease healthcare disparities in our community to help eliminate the barriers people face while helping other health care professionals of color grow their practice at the same time. 

Increasing visibility is the first step in making it easier for people in need of mental or medical health care services— this is why I created Connect2Heal to be a central location where people can find medical doctors and therapists of color. 

Joycelyn Wilson, LMHC

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